Early Dental Care

Family Dental Center and baby teeth North Las Vegas and Providence NV children's dental center Centennial Hills NVAt Providence Dental Care, we are committed to providing your child with a healthy and happy smile. Proper dental care should begin when baby teeth begin to erupt. You and your little-loved ones deserve a welcoming children’s dental center and excellent family dental care.

Infants and Teething

When infants have dental problems, their chewing and speaking capabilities can be permanently disturbed. Parents and caretakers can protect their child from tooth decay at home by avoiding putting babies to sleep with a bottle or sippy cup.

Maintaining good habits and regular brushing at home are just the beginning of great dental health. Babies and toddlers can also benefit from seeing their dentist for regular family dental care.

Dr. Nguyen can make sure that your child’s teeth are properly cleaned. He will also check for possible health complications so you remain informed and prepared.

When Should I Take My Baby to the Dentist?

Did you schedule a dental appointment after your baby’s teeth appeared? Baby teeth appear around 6 months of age, and children should start visiting a children’s dental center shortly after. Baby teeth are crucial because they promote:

  • Timely language acquisition
  • Easy chewing and proper diet
  • Proper growth of adult teeth

Infants teeth are prone to cavities and gum disease, just like adult teeth. Healthy baby teeth lead to a beautiful and functional adult smile.

Bring Your Child In Today

children's dental center and baby teeth North Las Vegas and Providence NV, family dental care Centennial Hills NVDon’t worry about your child’s upcoming dental experience. Our trained professionals have carefully built up a happy children’s dental center.

The dental team at Providence Dental will provide explanations and education that your child can understand. They will ensure that your child is feeling comfortable and having fun during their visit.

We would love to meet your child and begin giving them the family dental care they deserve.

Call our Children’s Dental Center today at Providence Dental schedule an appointment!