Emergency Dentistry

emergency dentistry North Las Vegas and dental emergency Providence NVDental emergencies are significantly less stressful when you have an emergency dentistry to call.

Doctors Dhillon and Nguyen will make you feel worry-free 100% of the time — especially during a dental emergency! Our dental professionals are happy to accommodate dental emergencies whenever they arise.

Helpful tips from our Emergency Dentistry

When a dental emergency occurs, call us at Providence Dental right away. We are always here to help our patients through tooth pain or any other dental emergency.

  • Knocked Out Tooth | If you or a loved one has knocked out a tooth, save the tooth, if possible. Keep the tooth in its socket or in saltwater or milk. Use a cold compress to reduce swelling. With emergency dentistry techniques, we may be able to restore your natural tooth.
  • Chipped or Broken Tooth | Save the pieces you can and bring them into your dentist. If you are experiencing tooth pain, take an over-the-counter pain reliever until you can come see us for an emergency dentistry appointment.
  • Broken or Lost Dental Work | If you lose or break your dental work, call us to schedule an appointment. Seek treatment as soon as possible. You had dental work for a reason, and dental decay or weak teeth should not be ignored.
  • Severe Tooth Pain | Tooth pain may be an indicator of an underlying problem that requires immediate treatment. Call our office to set up an examination and we will accommodate you ASAP.

dental emergency North Las Vegas and emergency dentistry Providence NVPrioritizing Your Needs during Dental Emergency

Your needs come first at Providence Dental. We are always available to you — even on the weekends! We offer night and weekend hours to accommodate your dental emergency or urgent dental need.

Emergency dentistry can be stress-free when you have the experts in your corner. We will quickly relieve you from tooth pain and anxiety.

Call Providence Dental now for emergency dental work!