Family Dentistry

family dentistry in North Las Vegas and family dental in Providence NV Here at Providence Dental in Northwest Las Vegas, we offer high quality family dentistry services for you and your children. Our compassionate staff will help your loved ones stay free of gum disease and tooth decay with advanced dental services.

Maintaining optimal dental health is essential, so why not make dentistry a family affair? We provide the weekend and nighttime hours that many other dental practices don’t. At Providence Dental, we will strive to accommodate your busy schedules to make your visits convenient and relaxing.

A few of our fundamental family dentistry services are listed below.

Teeth Cleanings

Not all dental bacteria can be conquered at home. Your dental professionals can remove hardened plaque and tartar that is too difficult to remove with an ordinary toothbrush.

Cleanings are an important part of family dentistry because they promote fresh breath and strong teeth and gums.

Dental Exams

During a dental examination, your family dentist will complete a physical checkup of your gums, teeth, and surrounding structures. He may also utilize x-rays to detect risks to your dental health.

Early detection through dental exams will save you from uncomfortable symptoms and expensive dental work in the future.

Gum Disease Treatment

dental health Providence NV and family dentist Centennial Hills NVRed, swollen, and bleeding gums affect ½ of Americans. Gum disease requires special attention before it advances to tooth loss and bone deterioration.

Our skilled family dentist can restore your dental health with deep cleanings and other gum disease treatments.


Tooth decay results in painful toothaches and potential health threats. Fortunately, decay is a simple fix with our tooth-colored fillings. Our family dentist can quickly fortify your tooth against further damage with a natural-looking filling.

Your Family Dentistry

When is the last time you saw your family dentist? Bring yourself and your loved ones into Providence Dental!

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