Kids Corner

Welcome to Providence Dental! If you’re looking for fun, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great games and activities to keep you busy during your dental visit.

We’re happy to have you here today. You’re an important part of our dental family! We’re going to work hard to give you a clean, fresh, and beautiful smile.

Sit back and enjoy your visit. Our dental team will take great care of you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask our friendly dentist.

Math Games

Tic Tac Squares

This is no ordinary game of tic tac toe! Put your math skills to the test while you place your Xs and Os.

Math Baseball

Love baseball? The only way to win this baseball game is by using addition and subtraction.

Word Games

Stay Afloat

Like Hangman? Funbrain has created a brand new version of Hangman where you have to keep your ship afloat. Guess the right letters to create a familiar word!

Word Raider

Search for vowels to fill in the word. If you select the right vowels, you’ll collect lots of golden treasure!

Action/Adventure Games

Mighty Guy

Help the Mighty Guy doodle run through his paper-and-ink world. If you can make it through the obstacles, you’ll help Mighty Guy win the game!

Extreme Air

In this game, you jump on your skateboard and soar over obstacles! Do everything you can to jump over the trash cans.

Character Games

Arthur Treehouse Designer

Create your very own treehouse hideout with Arthur the anteater!

Sesame Street Storybook Builder

Choose a story and go on an adventure with one of the characters from Sesame Street!

Other Activities

Color Away

Here you’ll find plenty of fun coloring options.These dental coloring pages include pictures of teeth, dentists, animals, and even the tooth fairy! Let your imagination go wild while you bring these pictures to life.

Explore the Dental World

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Thanks for coming into see us today! We hope you enjoy your stay and love your new smile!