What To Expect On The First Visit

56Are you bringing your child into Providence Dental for the first time? We can’t wait to give your little one an enjoyable dental experience. You may choose to sit in with your child for their first dental visit, so they can get to know our dentist in a non-threatening way. You and your child can expect:

Clear Communication

We pay special attention to our patients’ reactions and questions. We want to ensure that your child understands and feels comfortable with everything around them. We will use simple terminology each step of the way so they can understand the cleaning, exam, and treatment process.

Fun and Entertainment

Your child can sit back and relax with entertaining online games or their favorite television shows. We know that kids get anxious during long appointments, so we’ll keep them occupied and engaged.

Warm and Welcoming Environment

Each one of our team members will warmly welcome your child into their new dental family. Our dental professionals love working with children and making them feel right at home. They’ll take the time to get to know your child so that they can cater to their unique preferences and needs.

Cleaning and Exam

45Dr. Nguyen will gently check your child’s teeth and gums for decay, misalignment, and disease. If he finds a problem, he will work with you to create a treatment plan that works well for your child.

Our dental hygienists will also carefully clean your child’s teeth. If you think a fluoride treatment will be beneficial for your child, our professionals can administer one during your appointment.

Dental Education

Dr. Nguyen and his team will discuss at-home care habits with your child. They will cheerfully educate them about cavity prevention, oral hygiene, and good habits. They can answer any of your questions about teething, orthodontics, or developmental milestones.

Children should begin seeing a dentist around 1 year of age, or 6 months after their first teeth erupt. You can expect an anxiety-free experience for you and your loved ones. Give us a call today to schedule a pediatric appointment at Providence Dental!